Friday, 30 March 2012

Sat Nav error

Sat navs may have revolutionised the driving experience, meaning we can find our way around unfamiliar places with minimum effort – but occasionally the computer doesn't know best.  

Don't get stuck in the mud


When coming to Coal Yeat, contrary to our advice, guests, delivery drivers and home shopping drivers are still preferring the directions of a dumb machine over their own common sense. Whichever GPS system you are using, please don't follow it blindly.  

Any GPS Sat Nav you buy will have mistakes and unfortunately most show a public footpath as the road to Coal Yeat - it's not!! 

The farmer has started to charge to pull you out







Despite the sign posts indicating the track to be a 'public footpath', the five-bar gate indicating that the road should not be used and even a Sat Nav error sign a fair few motorists have persevered and had to be rescued by farmers with tractors after becoming stuck in the mud.

I do warn guests with the confirmation and have even taken photos which accompany the directions to avoid this increasing problem.

So please take a look at the pictures and stay on the road!!  The farmer has actually started to charge to pull them out of his field as it's too frequent an occurrence.  Please don't be the next person to be lead on a merry dance by the computer.

Do not turn left down the track.

It's very easy with the comprehensive directions which accompany the booking details.  

Do not drive down this track or go through the gate

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