Thursday, 28 July 2011

Summer scents at Coal Yeat

Summer Scents Surround Coal Yeat Holiday Cottages.

Another burst of sunshine and how welcome it had been. I think our foreign friends have brought it with them.  We are very pleased to welcome more overseas visitors.  This week Yan and Tyan is occupied by a lovely bunch of American's who are attending the local Buddhist Festival. While in Tethera our Dutch friends are leaving today after a 10 day stay.  They are actually from the same area we are visiting on our summer holidays.  It was great to swap tips. I'm really enjoying meeting all our overseas guests this year so far we've had folks from India, Australia, America, The Netherlands, United Arab Emirates and Portugal.  While later in the summer we'll be welcoming Israeli and Maltese guests.  What an eclectic bunch..........

Back to the blog.......The weather has been very sunny which has been great for all the visitors to these luxury holiday cottages.  As the sun beats down once again the sweet smell of freshly cut ancient meadows is in the air - full of herbs and flowers cut to make hay. Mr Longmire the local farmer is almost organic and has tended these meadows for over half a century fertilising them with well rotted farmyard manure. This leads to a massive variety of different grasses flowers and field herbs which, when drying in the summer, leave this sweet lingering scent which must have been so familiar in Victorian times. Unforgettable!

 The weather this year has been typical Lakes weather - all seasons in one day.  This is a stark comparison to last year, where it was so dry at the Coal Yeat holiday cottages that we but we had to call a drought.  The  driest six months on record left the lakes and rivers at an all timed low there had been no appreciable rain since the floods of early November 09. 

Back to 2011 and it's the vibrant green that is amazing our foreign visitors, but it's all change in the view from these Lakeland holiday cottages as the cut green fields turn a bright yellow as hay and silage is cleared from the fields. The fells are green as the new bracken engulfs last years burnt sienna fronds. The patchwork of fields sewn together by the characteristic Cumbrian walls is an ever-changing panorama when viewed from these luxury Lake District cottages.

From the visitors book
Many thanks for the great accommodation in a perfect setting. It really drives home what you miss out on when you live in the city! Great scenery and decent weather combined gives us all our own "little piece of England"! Relaxation and calm to have those conversations that seem so hard to have when life's travelling so fast at home!
I forgot to mention the caramel shortbread (gone in 60 sec's) and the beautiful home made bread, a very nice welcome indeed! PS: the wine was great too for a french import!! If you read this then can we state we had a lovely time and hope you do too!

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