Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Stunning Surroundings

A cloud inversion in the valley  - hanging over Coniston Water
The Lake District peninsula which encompasses the Furness area of South Lakeland is very sheltered from Easterly and Northerly weather patterns. Here at these luxury Lakeland cottages we have been experiencing some wonderful clouds and skies.

As Coal Yeat farm house is situated on the 500ft contour, with fantastic view especially to the north, we are not overlooked by anything. No trees, no mountains just the ever changing sky with its varying array of differing cloud formations. These last few months with a predominantly North Easterly air flow, the clouds have been very high, white and fluffy carrying no rain. This is because we are sheltered from the North and East by the Central Lake District mountains and to the East by the Pennine Hills.

At night there are so many stars to gaze at in the Coal Yeat sky because we are well away from major light polluters such as cities and large towns the stars twinkle brightly from Coal Yeat holiday cottages.
How often do we ignore the beauty of the ever changing sky?

At Coal Yeat holiday cottages it is impossible as everywhere you look the sky is in front of you, embracing you.

But please don't blame me if on your arrival at Coal Yeat Holiday Cottages you are engulfed in the Lakeland 'mizzle' and cannot see a thing (mizzle being a local term for very wet fine rain accompanied by misty low clouds). If that's the case you can always cuddle up in the cosy warm luxury of these Lakeland holiday cottages.

Luxury at Coal Yeat

What is luxury? Is it the hand made natural wooden kitchens with granite work tops or the opportunity to blow the clock of a seeding dandelion? Perhaps it's the silence punctuated by the sounds of nature, the humming of the bees or the croaking of the frogs?

Maybe it's the opportunity to feel the slow pace of the rural landscape or being amazed by the massive view to the north towards Coniston Old Man and the central Lakeland mountains. Coal Yeat Holiday Cottages offer unique luxury.

Luxury is different for every one but lots of things are common to all. These Lakeland self-catering cottages are scrupulously clean and shining, warm and welcoming. Luxury is a comfy bed with bright crisp cotton sheets to slide into, while admiring the original art works hanging on the walls.

Who knows,luxury is for some the opportunity to bring a pet on a Lakeland self-catering holiday, for others to escape. These self-catering cottages offer a true escape from the pressures of urban living, the luxury of peace and quiet, yet so close to everything the Lake District has to offer.

For the adventurous there is the luxury of a midnight swim in the warm waters of Coniston Water, or the more sedate luxury of course fishing in our own pond.
Whatever your desires you can be sure your senses will tingle while staying in the luxury Lakeland self catering cottages at Coal Yeat Farm.



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The beautiful view from Coal Yeat
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