Friday, 30 March 2012

Sat Nav error

Sat navs may have revolutionised the driving experience, meaning we can find our way around unfamiliar places with minimum effort – but occasionally the computer doesn't know best.  

Don't get stuck in the mud


When coming to Coal Yeat, contrary to our advice, guests, delivery drivers and home shopping drivers are still preferring the directions of a dumb machine over their own common sense. Whichever GPS system you are using, please don't follow it blindly.  

Any GPS Sat Nav you buy will have mistakes and unfortunately most show a public footpath as the road to Coal Yeat - it's not!! 

The farmer has started to charge to pull you out







Despite the sign posts indicating the track to be a 'public footpath', the five-bar gate indicating that the road should not be used and even a Sat Nav error sign a fair few motorists have persevered and had to be rescued by farmers with tractors after becoming stuck in the mud.

I do warn guests with the confirmation and have even taken photos which accompany the directions to avoid this increasing problem.

So please take a look at the pictures and stay on the road!!  The farmer has actually started to charge to pull them out of his field as it's too frequent an occurrence.  Please don't be the next person to be lead on a merry dance by the computer.

Do not turn left down the track.

It's very easy with the comprehensive directions which accompany the booking details.  

Do not drive down this track or go through the gate

Thursday, 29 March 2012


OK - so you shouldn't position in the direct sun !!
For seven days solid we have had temperatures soar into the mid twenties, dawn to dusk sunshine and not breath of wind. Our current guests never left the estate - I've dusted down the sunloungers and cleaned out the BBQ's and they are now in heaven.  As they said "why share the sun with the crowds in Coniston, when we have paradise here".  When it's like this, there is nothing more perfect than wasting time in our Lakeland holiday cottages here at Coal Yeat Farm.

I can't believe that it's only the end of March, and already I've applied the suncream and we've had our evening meal in the garden twice - beats last years record already!!

The daffodils of which there are over 50 varieties planted in front of the holiday cottages, have suddenly all bloomed at once this week - soon the vibrant yellow will be taken over by the blues.  Come mid April its bluebell time in the woods of the Furness Peninsular, and the trees slowly come into full leaf. The lakeland colours are so fresh and verdant in May and when the rhododendrons and azaleas come into full flower it's a spectacle not to miss

Our two Coal Yeat Holiday Cottages have recently welcomed some annual visitors who stay out in the paddocks well away, but in view from the self catering cottages the pedigree rare breed British Saddleback pigs. They camp out in the fields providing free range pig entertainment for all our guests.

Other annual visitors to Coal Yeat Farm include a cuckoo, swallows and martins, suckler cows with their calves and the sheep and lambs. These join the residential owls, falcons and other birds of prey and the passing buzzards which often glide past. And we must not forget the Skylarks singing a joyful welcome overhead.

All out holiday cottages are provided with a dedicated barbecue area and full barbecue facilities. The smoke from grilling saddleback sausages and burgers have certainly been hanging over these Lake District self catering cottages this weekend. Wish you were here?

We still have some availability for the early summer , please give Emma a call on 07887731553 to check availability.

From the visitors book
After getting a wee bit lost on the fell road we made it here - and were greeted with caramel shortbread, thank you. Absolutely gorgeous cottage and surrounding countryside, we were lucky enough to have scorching weather and most of the time sunbathing and barbecuing in the wee garden. Thank you again for such beautiful and well equipped accommodation. We will recommend it x

A note from Tethera guests

We get lots of lovely comments in the guest books, but it's much appreciated when guests take the time to write on their return home.  Our guests in Tethera braved the weather and had a fantastic time here in early February.  They even sent a photo, which I'll share with you all - just to prove what you see on the web site is what you get in real life!!

"Hi Emma,
Just a quick note to say that we really enjoyed staying in Tethera. We were warm and cosy with everything we could need.
I'm sure you've got plenty of photo's like this one but the view on Monday morning was simply stunning.
When we next feel like a break you'll be the first people we call and we'll certainly recommend you to our friends.
Best Wishes
Steve, Maggie and Tinker"