Thursday, 25 April 2013

Spring has sprung


It's been a long time coming.  After the wet winter, came the snow.  This delayed the spring somewhat, but with the lighter mornings and the slight warmth in the air, it's now definitely SPRING.

There’s no surer sign of this than scores of sunny yellow daffodils blanketing the countryside and the lambs leaping in the beautiful green countryside.  You don't have to head to Ullswater to spot the same daffodils that inspired Wordsworth’s famous poem more than 200 years ago.  Here at Coal Yeat we have over 50 different varieties of daffodils.  Finally they are all flowering at once to provide a dazzling display. If you prefer to witness the subtle, native miniature daffodils, these are still flowering abundance in the deciduous woods and untamed banks of the becks and rivers.  Just down the fell road from Coal Yeat you'll find stunning examples or why not enjoy a walk along the banks of the lake and maybe you too will be inspired!  

Springtime is a wonderful time to visit the Lake District. Just as the natural world reawakens after the winter break, the Lake District as an attractions once again comes alive with a host of activities.  Most of the attractions are up and running to the full summer programme and there really is something for everyone.  
For me the best spectacle of the spring are the lambs.  One of the first things you should do on a visit to Coal Yeat is walk through the beautiful green  countryside and watch the cute little lambs, joyfully playing together in the spring sunshine.  A drive out will reveal Cumbria is essentially one huge springtime nursery for lambs and calves. Herdwick, the distinctive Lakeland breed of sheep, have black lambs that then fade to chocolate brown and eventually to grey as they age. They’re usually over a year old before they are mature enough to eat but their mixed diet and long natural lifestyle produces a meat so rich and tender that it has become a national delicacy.

A first this year is our first batch of 100% Coal Yeat chicks.  Neville the cockerel has been busy and Missy a lovely attentive mum.  Despite all the odds - a fox attack and a ruffled nest, we have two little chicks.  We are all very proud, my daughters especially! (photos to follow - in fact I may dedicate a blog)

With many of our guests, especially the younger ones, Coal Yeat has become synonymous with nature - animals especially. We have Pigs, Hens, Cats, Dogs and Guinea Fowl.  The Guinea Fowl, a native South African bird, are the source of much amusement to the guests.  The run free and love nothing more than chasing each other. They been called everything from Turkeys to Quail to Peacocks.   The hens on the other hand have forgotten they are hens and are constantly vying for human attention, loving nothing more than a stroke and some food, often trying to get in the cottages!!  The pigs are fascinating to watch and love any vege treats - no compost bins here, just the pigs! 

Here is a photo from the guest book from guests commenting on the animal attractions:

Within an instant the body-warmers will be banished and the bluebells will bloom.............. best get booking quick while we still have some room!!

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